The perfect business plan for gastronomy • publisher Matthaes | number of pages 152

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Author: Gerold Dawidowsky For a successful start-up in the catering industry, more is needed than a good business idea. A well-designed business plan not only serves the conviction of potential financiers and other partners, it is also an indispensable tool for the self-critical review and preparation of your own project. Author Gerold Dawidowsky knows this from his many years as a personal coach and concept consultant only too well. In his book, he explains the structure of a perfect business plan comprehensively and easily understandable. Important content points, such as the correct representation of the entrepreneur and the company itself, the target group and the optimal marketing concept as well as the internal and financial organization are explained using illustrative examples, calculations and tables. In addition, Dawidowsky reveals practical tips and tricks for the bank discussion and a successful presentation of the business plan. Rounded off by important information on necessary permits, insurances and possible company forms, the book is an indispensable basis and pillar on the way to founding a company and guarantees industry experts as well as lateral entrants a successful start to self-employment. Awarded the silver medal of the GAD. 152 pages 2nd edition 2012 Softcover, 240 x 170mm Matthaes-Verlag GmbH ISBN: 978-3-87515-046-9
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