For Purchaser

Multi-user accounts

With this feature you can define the order budget for different departments or branches, for example in the catering industry. To map the sometimes complex structure of purchasing departments, you can use role-based self-service options in the account dashboard to view order status, manage budgets and users, create and view order templates, place price requests, and approve orders. Order templates can also be created. These facilitate the frequent procurement of identical or similar products. This eliminates the need to search the product catalog each time certain products are to be ordered.

You can assign up to three different roles: A "buyer" can make and manage their own purchases and make price inquiries. An "approver" may, in addition to the purchaser's options, approve or reject open orders. The "Account Administrator" can create or delete users for their company and edit their profile information. He can assign a role and a budget to each user and has access to a user overview that displays all users, their last login, their budget thresholds, and their roles.

Buyers also have the option of entering the product ID and the desired order quantity directly to create a direct order. You can also select and upload a CSV file with the product IDs and required quantities.

Key Accounts

We grant major customers preferential conditions according to their purchasing volume, also in the context of annual contracts. Furthermore, fixed contact persons are determined for you, so that we can guarantee you a maximum of individual care. Also, price requests for large quantities can be preferred - usually still on the same day - created.