food serving trolley SPA/EB-3 LS heatable • 3 basins

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  • Size:  gastronorm
  • Material:  stainless steel
  • fixable castors
  • temperature range:  + 30 ° C to + 95 ° C
  • weight:  41 kg
  • Connection Value:  2100 watts
  • Voltage:  230 volts
  • wheel Ø:  125 mm
  • Length (Width):  1217 mm
  • Depth:  677 mm
  • Height:  900 mm
Construction: Trolley in stable, self-supporting and hygienic construction made of high-quality stainless steel. Enclosed construction with seam-free and seamlessly welded and fully insulated basins, wet and dry heatable, with deep drawn level indicator for wet heating. Each basin for holding a container GN 1 / 1-200 or smaller. By special inclination of the soil residue-free emptying of the basin over from outside adjustable ball valve 1/2 ?. Drain cock protected against accidental opening, each setting easily recognizable even from a distance.Heating by stainless steel tubular heater, operated on the side via on / off switch with integrated indicator light and thermostatically controlled by stepless and ergonomically shaped temperature control, which is easily recognizable even from a distance are, with temperature limitation according to VDE. Power supply via dimensionally stable and retractable spiral cable with angle plug and suspension device on the left narrow side. Hard-welded frame made of square tube with welded, all-round edged board with circumferential profile edge in the carriage base. Four solid deflector rolls made of polyethylene at the bottom serve as collision protection, protecting both the device all around as well as on-site walls from damage. An additional collision protection with integrated recessed grip is located above the controls. Trolley mobile on 4 swivel castors, 2 with total locks, Ø 125 mm, with spigot mounting. The food delivery trolley SPA EB-3 LS is specially equipped for use at access ramps with a recessed grip above the longitudinal control elements and a power supply placed at one end. The height of 900 mm corresponds to the usual working height in the food distribution. Technical data: • Capacity: 3x container GN 1 / 1-200 or smaller • Thermoelectric supply: tubular heater • Temperature range: 30 - 95 ° C • Payload: 165 kg / 364 lbs • Roller equipment: 4 swivel castors, 2 m.fixer Ø 125 • Main construction: open • Design: modular design • Connected load: 2.1 kW / 230 V / AC / 5o Hz • Protection class: IPX 5 • Net weight: 46.23 kg Dimensions: • Usable size: 530 x 325 mm • Overall dimensions: B 677 x D 1236 x H 900 mm
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