food serving trolley SPA/EB-3 heatable • 3 basins

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  • Size:  gastronorm
  • Material:  stainless steel
  • fixable castors
  • Manufacturer Prod.-ID:  0161490
  • temperature range:  + 30 ° C to + 95 ° C
  • weight:  41.5 kg
  • Connection Value:  2100 watts
  • Voltage:  230 volts
  • wheel Ø:  125 mm
  • Length (Width):  1254 mm
  • Depth:  677 mm
  • Height:  900 mm
Design: • Devices made entirely of high-quality stainless steel • Robust construction of square tube frame 25x25 mm according to DIN 18867-7 • Upper plate folded on all sides. • seamlessly deep-drawn, individually heatable holding tanks with large, easy-to-clean radii and embossing for max. Water level filling, for holding GN 1/1 containers and their subdivisions • smooth pelvic floor with inclination to the drain • the maximum container depth is 200 mm • food dispensing trolley suitable for connection to energy optimization systems • wet and dry heating of the basins possible • basin with high-quality special insulation thermally insulated on all sides • Insulating material non-flammable, chemically neutral, moisture-resistant and completely harmless to health • Heating by means of durable stainless steel tubular heaters • easy cleaning of the tanks by drain downwards • quick recognition of the opening and closing status of the drain taps even from a distance due to special shape and optical Marking • due to the open substructure, direct emptying into on-site floor drainage channels or floor drains is possible. Transfer to other containers is not necessary. • user-friendly operation by means of an ergonomically shaped toggle • infinitely variable thermostatic control of the pool temperature between 30 and 95 ° C • 4 performance ranges characterized by marks visible on the toggles, trouble-free handling • precise and permanent assignment of the sinks and switches by means of embossed, raised numbers • Easy to clean toggle • 1 on / off switch per device, with integrated display function "Device ready", operating status easily recognizable from a distance • Connection in the rear area by means of a flexible, dimensionally stable spiral cable with angle plug • the cable does not have to be around the whole Device is guided and therefore does not interfere with work • by using the shortest distance between the power supply and connection point a contact of the cable with the floor is avoided • Cable extendable if necessary to 1.80 m • Plug holder behind the bottom protected against dirt • Radiators and electrical components easily accessible and easy to dismantle in case of service • IPX5 water jet protection according to EN 60529 • Device side walls and edges as well as control and display elements protected against damage by four deflector rollers attached directly above the rollers • Deflector rollers made of elastic and impact-resistant Plastic, quickly replaceable if necessary by loosening the rollers • Two ergonomically designed push handles with integrated bumper protect against injuries to the hands • Corrosion-resistant and maintenance-free plastic rollers according to DIN 18867-8. Housing and wheel center made of impact-resistant plastic, tires made of thermoplastic rubber. High quality bearing by means of precision ball bearings with integrated thread guard. 4 swivel castors, 2 of them with total lock. Spigot made of stainless steel. Rolls quickly exchangeable if necessary. Wheel diameter 125 mm. • All-round beveled, welded base plate Technical data: • Number of pools: 3 • Tank size: for GN 1 / 1-200 and their subdivisions • Connected load: 2.1 kW / 230 V / 1N AC / 5o Hz • Degree of protection: IPX 5 • Thermal insulation : Special insulation • Temperature control: stepless, each tank separately • Capacity: 50 persons • Capacity per cart: 165 kg • Net weight: 41.5 kg Dimensions. • W 1254 x D 677 x H 900 mm

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food serving trolley
food warmer trolley
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