W10-100138-NIP Kunststoff-Handwaschbecken KS-00-TW, Tischmodell, weiß, Anschluss an das Brauch- und Abwassernetz erforderlich, 230 V-Anschluss, inkl. Hygiene-Paket

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    "Tap water - cold and warm" complies with the new food hygiene regulation - No expensive and disturbing room preparation - Simply put on a table, counter or matching base and connect This hand basin with 220 V water heater must be connected to a hot water supply and a waste water drain. (either fixed connection or with plug-in couplings) With the integrated 220 volt instantaneous water heater (including 80 cm long connecting cable), the water can be heated to the desired temperature. (up to 100 °) The scope of supply includes a soap dispenser (icl 0.5 liter washing lotion), a paper towel dispenser (including 320 sheets of paper towels) and an additional dispenser can be filled with disinfectant solution. At the back, all built-in components are easy to reach. This device can be used everywhere where food is distributed or sold outside the usual business premises. The device is manufactured according to the new fresh water hygiene regulation HACCP. Design: • Table model • Housing with side splash guard • 220 V water heater • Single lever mixer tap • Fresh water connection • Waste water connection • Wash bowl with drain and rubber stopper • Hygiene package consisting of: • 1 soap dispenser incl. 0.5 liter washing lotion • 1 towel dispenser with 320 sheets of paper towels • 1 additional disinfectant dispenser, 0.5 ltr. • Plastic housing • Stainless steel washbasin, Ø 340 mm • Plastic soap dispenser • Paper towel dispenser made of plastic • Appliance will be delivered fully assembled • 230 Volt power connection required • Domestic hot water connection required • Waste water connection required • Rubberized feet • Weight: 14 kg Dimensions • 500 x 400 x H 765 mm

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