pH meter set 1 | 0°C to +60°C | 0 pH to 13 pH

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1 piece
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• Material: plastic

Tecnical Specifications:
• measuring range: 0°C to +60°C
• measuring range: 0 pH to 13 pH
PH meter set 1 PHM230 pH meter, immersion probe PHE03, cleaning fluid, storage liquid, buffer solutions pH4 / pH7 / pH10 in robust plastic case Product features: manual or automatic temperature compensation Adjustment function for pH4, pH7 & pH 10 SD card slot for 1 usable up to 16 GB Data can be called up directly in Excel Interval 1 sec. to 8 h. Auto-off, Hold-Max-Min function
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measuring instrument pH meter plastic

measuring instrument
pH meter


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