Mobile stainless steel hand basin ES-20-FL, "Certified", stainless steel, 2 x 10 ltr. Fresh water tank, lever control, incl. Hygienic package, 2 x 10 liter stainless steel water heater - 230 Volt, electric tumble dryer

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    Hot water tank 230 VOLT - 2,5 kW Electric hand dryer 230 VOLTS - 2.1 kW Water removal by backhand operation "Tap water - cold and warm - anywhere" NO SANITARY CONNECTIONS REQUIRED Certified in accordance with the provisions of the foodstuffs regulation (EC) No. 852/2004 (building specifications), the drinking water ordinance and the LMHV food hygiene regulation. This mobile hand basin with 2 x 10 liter fresh water tank is to be filled with cold water at each water pipe. The water can be heated to the desired temperature in one of the 230 volt hot water storage tanks (including a 80 cm long connection cable). The second can also be heated if desired. (up to a maximum of 100 °) They are equipped with a level indicator and automatically switch off the power supply if there is not enough water. The device is mobile (4 castors - 2 of which are lockable) and equipped with a side splash guard. The water removal takes place in each case by means of a drain valve which can be operated with the back of the hand. The water can also be stored in the 21 liter hand basin with rubber stoppers. The scope of supply includes a refillable soap dispenser (hand-free - incl. Required batteries) and an electric hand dryer 230 VOLTS - 2.1 kW. Through an opening mounted in the front part waste can be disposed of in a waste container located behind it. Through the opening back wall of the wastewater and waste containers can be easily removed and emptied. For the disinfection required after hand washing, a holder incl. Dispenser with 500 ml disinfection gel is attached. The gel can be removed through a pumping device attached to the container. This device can be used wherever food is distributed or sold. The device is manufactured according to the new fresh water hygiene regulation HACCP. • Stainless steel case • Stainless steel basin 530x325x100 mm • 2 x10 liter stainless steel water heater - 230 Volt 2.5 kW - • Plastic base • Soap dispenser made of plastic • Plastic hand dryer 2.1 kW • Plastic wastewater tank • The device is delivered fully assembled • Mobile stand model • 4 metal rollers with rubber coating • 2 of them with parking brake • Housing with side splash guard • 2 x 10 liters of fresh water tank • Hand-free water removal • integrated waste water disposal • integrated paper waste container with front disposal opening • Wash bowl with drain and rubber stopper • Hygiene package consisting of: 1 Soap dispenser sensor-operated (hand-free) - refillable - 0.5 liter 1 electric hand dryer 230 VOLTS - 2.1 kW 1 disinfectant dispenser with 500 ml disinfection gel Technical specifications: • Weight: 49 kg • Connected load: 230 VOLTS - 2.5 kW • If both water tanks are to be used as hot water storage, you need 2 x 230 VOLT - 2.5 kW power connection Dimensions: • W 900 T 420 XH 1550 mm

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