kitchen knife smooth cut | black | blade length 10 centimeters

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• Material: ceramics
• handle material: polypropylene
• blade edge: smooth cut
• antibacterial

Equipment with:
• finger protection

• blade length: 10 centimeters
Design: • made of shatter-proof zirconium oxide • almost as hard as diamond • odorless and tasteless • stain and rust-free • no unpleasant metallic taste and smell • perfect balance and still very light • easy to clean and dishwasher safe - (blade must not with hard Collide objects) • LFGB-certified Special features: • Cutting blade is ultra-sharp • Blade remains much longer than a stainless steel knife - and that for years • No need to recharge • Smoother than metal • Slides unusually light - even through the most sensitive cut material • Absolutely hygienic • Ceramic prevents the growth of bacteria and excludes chemical reactions when it comes in contact with acetic acid • no discolouration instructions for use: • for cutting only • under no circumstances should it be used for stirring, chopping or boning • no frozen S • do not bend • do not use on hard cutting surfaces such as glass, metal, stone, ceramics, marble or porcelain • suitable are wood or plastic underlays • do not drop onto hard surfaces • usually clean with warm Water, possibly with the addition of a mild detergent • simply let the knife dry in the air • stubborn stains can be removed with a little toothpaste • for storage is best a wooden knife block or the original packaging • when stored in a drawer, the blade should not Touch hard objects
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