glass washer Twin-Go | pre-rinsing and rinsing

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  • Version:  pre-rinsing and rinsing
  • Material:  stainless steel
  • weight:  375 mm
  • Ø:  180 mm
  • Length (Width):  375 mm
  • Depth:  185 mm
  • Height:  325 mm
Execution: • 2-pot device, rinses all glasses including stem and foot, to a depth of 24 cm • In a pre-rinsing pot with internal and external brushes, the jars are mechanically cleaned • in a rinsing pot, each glass inside and outside with fresh water rinsed • double-ring shower rinsed twice with fresh water • water is only used when rinsing is activated • fresh water runs into the pre-rinsing pot parallel to the rinse of the glass, guaranteeing a constant supply of fresh water • corresponds to TRSK 400 beverage dispenser regulations, para. 5.7.4 and need only a sink • the standard installed plug-in coupling allows a quick and easy disassembly of the connection hose • the hermetically sealed construction of the base facilitates the cleaning of the device and thus allows for hygienic and comfortable flushing • mobile use possible, even without counter basin, due to the process water drainage system Technical data: • Weight: 2.9 kg • Pot Ø: 18 cm Dimensions: • 37.5 x 18.5 x H 32.5 cm
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bar glass washer glass dishwasher stainless steel pre-rinsing and rinsing

bar glass washer

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