food trolley heatable • 2 basins

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  • Size:  gastronorm
  • Material:  stainless steel
  • fixable castors
  • Manufacturer Prod.-ID:  0162943
  • temperature range:  + 30 ° C to + 95 ° C
  • weight:  75.5 kg
  • Connection Value:  2340 watts
  • Voltage:  230 volts
  • wheel Ø:  125 mm
  • Length (Width):  922 mm
  • Depth:  700 mm
  • Height:  979 mm
Model: • Number of pools: 2 • Pool size: for GN 1 / 1-200 and their subdivisions • Heating Basins: Foil radiator • Temperature control Basins: stepless, each tank separately • Thermostatic setting Basins: 30 - 95 ° C • Number of heating chambers: 2 • Internal cabinet dimensions W x D x H in mm: 327.5 x 560 x 438 mm • Seating thicknesses: 5 pairs, 75 mm spacing • Heating Heat traps: Stainless steel tubular heater 0.45 kW • Temperature control for heat compartment: infinitely variable, each heating cabinet separately • Thermostat setting for heat compartment: 30 - 80 ° C • Capacity: for 25 people • Thermal insulation: special insulation • Connected load: 2.3 kW • Electrical connection: 230 V 1N AC 50 Hz • Degree of protection: IPX 5 • Chassis: 2 swivel castors with total lock and 2 fixed castors, Ø 125 mm • Net weight: 75.5 kg • External dimensions W x D x H in mm: 700 x 922 x 974 mm Completely made of high quality stainless steel. Robust construction in self-supporting construction. Upper plate folded on all sides. Seamless thermoformed holding basins with large, easy-to-clean radii and embossing for max. Water level filling, for holding GN 1/1 containers and their subdivisions maximum container depth 200 mm. Cymbals wet separately heated and regulated. Heating of the holding basins by means of energy-efficient foil heating. The heat radiation at the longitudinal and front sides is max. 35 ° C. The heating time of the pool water 2,5 l to 90 ° C is in max. 30 min. Heating cabinet heating by means of stainless steel tubular heating element. Operation by means of ON / OFF switch with integrated pilot light. Infinitely adjustable and ergonomically shaped temperature controller on the operator side. Assignment to the pool or warming cabinets by embossed numbering, clearly recognizable from a distance. Thermostatic control of the pool temperature between 30 and 90 ° C, holding cabinets between 30 and 80 ° C. Dimensionally stable spiral cable with angled plug and conical blind socket on the operating side, if necessary extendable up to 1.80 m. All SPTW suitable for connection to energy optimization systems. Radiator and electrical components easily accessible. Upper plate with surge edge overflowing food can not drip down on the device during dispensing. Easy cleaning of the basins through separate drains down. Quick recognition of the opening or closing state of the drain taps also from a distance by special shape and optical marking. Drain taps housed under the car body along the side, therefore well protected against damage. Direct emptying into on-site floor drainage channels or floor drains possible. In the substructure, heat cabinets for the hot storage of products in GN1 / 1 containers and their subdivisions. Each compartment has 5 pairs of support beads with a spacing of 75 mm, ideal for holding GN1 / 1-65 The base is completely sealed hygienic design, quick and easy to clean. The cabinet doors are double-walled, sound and heat insulated. They are easily unlocked with one hand and close with snap closure. A circumferential frame gasket in combination with the double-walled door ensures that the heat is kept in the substructure. Basins and heating cabinets are thermally separated from one another and from each other and heat-insulated on all sides with high-quality special insulation. Insulating material non-flammable, chemically neutral, moisture-resistant and completely harmless to health. Device side walls and edges as well as operating and display elements are protected against damage by four bumpers. Two ergonomically designed push handles with integrated bumper protect against injuries to the hands and damage to the device. Food transport trolleys are equipped with corrosion-resistant and maintenance-free plastic rollers according to DIN 18867-8. Housing and wheel center made of impact-resistant plastic, tires made of thermoplastic rubber. High quality bearing by means of precision ball bearings with integrated thread guard. 2 castors with total lock and 2 fixed castors per unit. Plate fastening made of stainless steel. Rolls quickly exchangeable if necessary. Wheel diameter 125 mm. Note: Foil heater units are designed to heat basins filled with water only. Dry heating of the pools is expressly excluded!

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food warmer trolley stainless steel heatable 2 fixed castors|2 swivel castors 2 basins gastronorm fixable castors basin heating wet 2 warming cabinets

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