food sample system Pro-Mat P8 | 7 days | samples per day 8 | 3 colours

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  • Material:  plastic / stainless steel
  • colour:  3 colours
  • Accessory (included):  box lifter
  • cup capacity:  250 ml
  • Depth:  400 mm
  • Height:  60 mm
8 menu components per day are placed in the stacking box on the existing stack. The box with the 7 day old samples is pulled out below. Continuous order is secured. The basic model consists of: 7 sturdy stacking boxes made of stainless steel with handles and weekday stickers, 56 reusable cups with lids in 3 different colors and a patent box lifter. Tumbler made of PE (dishwasher safe) and stainless steel boxes (easy to clean). Total size: height = 42cm, width = 22cm, depth = 42cm. Beaker capacity: 250cc. The stacking boxes are permanently labeled with weekday stickers. The patent box lifter is made of stainless steel. It makes it easier to pull out the bottom box. The cup content of 250ml is recommended by most research institutes!
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container container food sample container stainless steel plastic reusable 7 containers|56 cups 3 colours box lifter

food sample container

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