electric sausage cutter sausage length any desired cutting thickness up to 35 mm

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1 piece
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• Material: stainless steel
• Operating Mode: electric

suitable for:
• sausage length: any desired

Tecnical Specifications:
• cutting thickness: up to 35 mm
• Connection Value: 60 watts
• Voltage: 230 volts

• Length (Width): 220 mm
• Height: 340 mm
• Depth: 180 mm
CNS, 22x18x34 xm, 230V / 60W / 50Hz, variable setting d. Cutting thickness up to 35 mm, safety switch, double knife, max. 450 slices / min
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cutter cutter sausage cutter curry sausage cutter electro stainless steel

barbeque season
curry sausage cutter
sausage cutter

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