electric can cutting machine DO 65/2 400 volts tabletop unit stainless steel

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  • tin shape:  round|oval|angular
  • Type of Device:  tabletop unit
  • Operating Mode:  electro
  • Material:  stainless steel
    • weight:  22 kg
    • Connection Value:  200 watts
    • Voltage:  400 volts
    • tin height max.:  300 mm
    The electric can slicer with more than 30 years of practical experience - known and proven worldwide. The Can Cutter, is an extremely robust and powerful machine for companies that have many cans to open, such as canteen kitchens, hospitals, refectories, long-distance catering, etc. • Electric rotary blade for round and oval cans • Pointed blade for small square cans • Dust-free opening of the cans • Easy handling • Stable design • Easy maintenance • Easy cleaning. Small cans weighing up to 3 kg are simply hung without height adjustment of the machine. When the upper lever is pressed down, the knife is simultaneously pressed into the can lid, the motor is switched on and the can is held open. Larger doses of up to 10 kg are placed on the cam of the base plate and the machine is adjusted to the required can height with the hand crank on the gearbox of the base plate. Execution: stainless steel, hammer-painted motor, special hardened knives and wheels. Standard with magnetic lid lift. Optional accessories: Wall bracket, model WK 665, made of stainless steel, for wall mounting of the machine. Disconnectable CEE wall socket with motor protection switch. Technical data: Dimensions: Base plate: approx. 330 x 200 x 6 mm Drives: 400 Volt three-phase, 0, 14 / 0.20 KW, 2 speeds 50/100 rpm Weight: approx. 22 kg.

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