burger shaper DHF 2000 230 volts stainless steel L 600 mm x 700 mm

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• Material: stainless steel
• Operating Mode: electro

Tecnical Specifications:
• Connection Value: 750 watts
• Voltage: 230 volts

• Weight: 65 kg
• Length (Width): 600 mm
• Height: 650 mm
• Depth: 700 mm
The DHF 2000 is a hamburger fomer consisting of a forming roll with forming head. It's designed to make up to 2,000 hamburger patties an hour and up to 4,000 meatballs an hour. Our Hamburgerformer offers a precise portion control of hamburger patties, meatballs, fishcakes, butter, cheese and biscuits. A forming head gently shapes the portions with minimal pressure. The shaped mass, with or without paper, is placed on the output conveyor for further processing or packaging. The mass to be formed is filled into the hopper and the rotating Mengarme gently push the mass into the forming head of the forming roll. The thickness of the molded mass or the weight can be adjusted continuously. When turning the forming roll, the forming head is pushed outwards and a stainless steel wire separates the fully formed mass from the forming roll and places it on the output conveyor. Technical data: • Connected load: 0.75 kW / 230 V • Speed: 2000 rpm • Max. Paper dimensions: 135 x 135 mm • max. Overall size: 125 mm • Weight: 65 kg Dimensions: • 600 x 700 x H 650 mm
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