bread cutting machine TP 180 230 volts

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  • Operating Mode:  electro
  • Material:  stainless steel
  • Manufacturer Prod.-ID:  23001
  • Connection Value:  350 watts
  • Voltage:  230 volts
Execution: • Stainless steel blade for easy removal • 180 - 360 slices with a diameter of 8 to 80 mm can be cut evenly every minute • Thanks to the large filling opening (150 mm x 125 mm), all elongated breads can be cut evenly without having to the discs are damaged or crushed. • Design completely made of stainless steel allows easy cleaning • A high-performance safety system made of infrared barrier, cover fuse and voltage drop protection. An automatic shutdown device shuts down the unit if no bread has been cut for a minute. • Removable crumb tray • Power 350 watts • Power consumption single phase 230 volts. • Dimensions W 335 x D 385 mm x H 920 mm • Weight 29 kg The bread slicer TP 180 can also be supplied with a special stainless steel stand.

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Schneider baguette cutter stainless steel electro

baguette cutter

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