alcoholmeter with thermometer analog | 0 Vol% to 100 Vol% L 300 mm

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  • Operating Mode:  analog
  • Accessory (included):  cover
    • measuring range:  0 Vol% to 100 Vol%
    • weight:  300 mm
    • Ø:  17 mm
    • Length (Width):  300 mm
    It is important to take into account with the alcohol meter that the measurement is carried out in a cylindrical container and free-floating. It should also be noted that the alcohol meter can only be used for determination in a mixture of pure alcohol and water, that is to say after distillation. An application or use of the instrument during fermentation or after the addition of other substances is not possible. If there are other substances besides ethanol and water in the solution, the results are falsified.

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    measuring instrument alcoholmeter analog cover

    measuring instrument

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