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Short DescriptionVersion:
• Operating Mode: electro

Equipment with:
• 3 heating zones

Technical Specification:
• Voltage: 400 volts
Long DescriptionParticularly energy-efficient Barely any energy losses due to the direct contact of your food with the heating elements. Thus you can save up to 40% of your energy cost. Perfect Branding Your food cooks directly on the heating elements. The intensive contact heat provides a perfect branding on your meat. What are Water Grills? Water grills have a large water tub directly beneath the heating elements. Dripping fat is collected in these tubs without burning. This facilitates the daily cleaning tremendously. At the same time the water under the heaters provides some air humidity in the cooking zone. Thus your food cooks gently and stays juicy. • the unique direct heating elements are encased with stainless steel: You can grill directly on the heating elements • partucilarly efficient, up to 40% energy savings possible: barely any energy losses through the direct contact of the heating elements and the food • perfect branding on your meat due to the intensive heat of the heating elements • large water tubs collect the dripping fat for an easy cleaning • the humidity of the water gives moisture to the food for tender results • stainless steel casing • seperately adjustable heating zones • cooking surface 840 x 475 mm
Manufacturer NameNeumärker
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